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Service Level

What levels of service can BTC Lettings and Management provide me?

Breakdown of Service

Let Only Service in providing the Letting Service BTC Lettings and Management will:

a) Agree with you in advance a rent to be quoted for your property and market your property as appropriate at the agreed rental.

b) Introduce a prospective Tenant for the property

c) Apply for appropriate references, either directly or through the use of an approved Credit Referencing Company and apply where

appropriate for a rent guarantee insurance policy under the terms and conditions of the insurers, subject to approval by their underwriters,

unless otherwise agreed between BTC Lettings and Management and you.

d) Negotiate the Terms of the Tenancy between yourself and the Tenant and ensure that an appropriate Tenancy Agreement and Notices are prepared and signed by or on behalf of the landlord and the Tenant

e) Collect and forward on to you any deposit (as stakeholder) paid by the Tenant against rent arrears or dilapidations.

f) In the event that you agree to a change of Tenant during an existing tenancy, we reserve the right to make an additional charge to cover

the cost of taking references, arranging for any new tenant(s) to enter into the Tenancy Agreement and the service of appropriate Notices.

Letting and Rent Collection Service in providing the Letting and Rent Collection Service, in addition to the services outlined in the paragraphs a) to f) above, BTC Lettings and Management will:

g) Collect the money or quarterly instalments of rent on your behalf and forward net rents to your bank accounts or other nominated beneficiary.

h) Prepare and submit monthly or quarterly statements to yourself and/or your accountant.

i) Assist you to any claim to the Rent Guarantee Insurers where necessary including the provision of a facsimile facility for the sending

of associated documents and claim forms. Letting and Management Service in providing the Letting and Management Service, in addition to the service outlined in paragraphs a) to i) above

BTC Lettings and Management will:

j) Make all reasonable endeavours to notify the local authority and service companies (telephone, gas, electricity, water) of a change of

occupant or user at the termination of the tenancy on the basis of f) above.

k) Arrange for the preparation of a basic inventory prior to the commencement of the tenancy, if required, and for the inventory to be

checked at the commencement of the tenancy (see paragraph 4.6 for costs).

l) Arrange for the inventory to be checked at the termination of the tenancy and a checkout report to be supplied. Any damage or

dilapidations that may have occurred during the tenancy are recorded on this report. A copy of this is sent to the Landlord and Tenant

who must mutually agree what amount (if any) is to be deducted from the dilapidations deposit.

m) Carry out a routine inspection of the property 6 times a year and report any issues/problems to Landlord.

n) Deal with day-to-day management matters including minor works, cleaning, repairs and obtain estimates for major works if appropriate, (all works to be only carried out on the landlords permission), payments to be taken out from rent.

o) When managing a property let by another party, BTC Lettings and Management will require copies of the tenancy agreement, inventory, appliance guarantees or warranties, tenant references and any other relevant notices or documents relating to the property.We will also require a set of keys for the property for emergency purposes. Unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance, our appointment as Managing Agents is for the duration of the tenancy. In the event of the management agreement being terminated BTC Lettings and Management remain entitled to commission for introducing the tenant(s) and future renewals. 

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